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Semiconductor Business

We develop, design, manufacture, sell, and maintain semiconductor cleaning equipment used in the pre-processing of semiconductor manufacturing

Semiconductor Business
The semiconductor cleaning equipment developed by our company is different from other companies' cleaning equipment which has less flexibility in customization. JET cleaning equipment can be highly customized to meet our customers’ exact specifications. We produce semiconductor cleaning equipment solutions that provide precisely the technology required for our end users’ applications. We sell and service semiconductor production equipment to manufacturers globally.

From development, design, and manufacturing to sales and maintenance.

We also provide field services related to semiconductor cleaning equipment, including equipment modifications, parts sales, and maintenance services at customer factories.
Design, development, and manufacture
of semiconductor cleaning equipment
Parts sales and
maintenance services

Scenes in which semiconductor cleaning equipment is used

In the preliminary steps of the semiconductor manufacturing process (500 or more processes), 30–40% of the pre-processes (based on the number of processes) are considered to use cleaning equipment.
The pre-processes are repeated several times before moving on to the post-processes

LIB Business

We specialize in the production of inspection and manufacturing equipment specifically designed for lithium-ion batteries (LIB)

We have diversified our technology portfolio to encompass inspection and manufacturing equipment tailored for lithium-ion batteries (LIB), a sector poised for substantial growth. Our focus on mitigating risks inherent to LIB, such as heat generation, fire, and explosions, has resulted in the development of advanced detection capabilities during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, our foundational technology in this domain has been successfully patented.

Electrolyte leak inspection device

Detects electrolyte leakage due to pinholes in the case or exterior material.

Ultrasonic bonding system

A system for bonding positive and negative electrodes using ultrasonic waves.Highly reliable bonding is possible even with multilayer foils.
J.E.T. Agri Co., Ltd. (Kasaoka Farm)


We produce safe and organic agricultural products that are low in pesticides, and are also working to make effective use of farmland

We adopted the OSMIC agri-products production business, which is operated by OSMIC Co., Ltd. as a franchise, and began shipping high-sugar tomatoes in November 2020.In October of the following year, J.E.T. Agri Co., Ltd. was established as an independent corporation to thoroughly manage individual profitability.
*OSMIC agri-products are agricultural products grown using organic methods developed by OSMIC Co., Ltd.

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