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Can you tell us about the company’s founding?
J.E.T. was established after S.E.S. Co., Ltd., its predecessor, faced financial difficulties during the semiconductor market downturn triggered by the Lehman Brothers’ collapse in September 2008. Initially undergoing civil rehabilitation proceedings, S.E.S. Co., Ltd. eventually transitioned to bankruptcy proceedings. As a former JASDAQ-listed company, S.E.S. Co., Ltd. was engaged in manufacturing, selling, and maintaining semiconductor cleaning equipment. The failure of S.E.S. Co., Ltd. could have had negative consequences for its clients’ businesses, since it had a certain market share in cleaning equipment for semiconductor manufacturers like Samsung Electronics in South Korea. ZEUS Co., Ltd., a Korean manufacturer of semiconductor/ LCD panel manufacturing equipment acting as S.E.S. Co., Ltd.’s agent in Korea, was approached by S.E.S. Co., Ltd.’s clients for equipment maintenance and future equipment purchases based on their investment plan. To meet these demands and retain existing customers, ZEUS Co., Ltd. founded J.E.T. Co., LTD. on April 24, 2009 with its own funding, in Satosho-cho, Asakuchi-gun, Okayama Prefecture. Then in May 2009, J.E.T. Co., LTD. acquired S.E.S. Co., Ltd.’s Okayama Green Techno plant and other assets through a business transfer.
Which stock exchange are you listed on?
We are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market on September 25, 2023.
What is your securities code?
When do you announce financial results?
Our fiscal year ends on December 31, and we announce our financial results in February. Please refer to our IR Calendar for quarterly financial results announcements.
Where can I find your past financial performance?
Please refer to the Consolidated Financial Results and Securities Reports (only Japanese) posted on our website.
When is the record date for dividend payments to shareholders?
The record date for year-end dividends is December 31. When an interim dividend is paid, the record date is June 30.
What is the number of shares per unit?
100 shares. *A unit refers to the minimum number of shares that can be traded.
How do I change my name or address on the shareholder registry?
Please contact the securities company where you have your trading account for various procedures related to your shares.
When is your general meeting of shareholders held?
The annual general meeting of shareholders is held in late March each year. Shareholders as of December 31 will be notified of the date, time, and location in early January.
How can I exercise my voting rights at the general meeting of shareholders?
Shareholders listed on the shareholder registry at the end of the record date (December 31 for the annual general meeting of shareholders) will be sent a notice of convocation and a voting form. Voting rights can be exercised by:
(1) Attending the meeting in person with the voting form;
(2) Returning the voting form by mail with your votes indicated; or
(3) Accessing a dedicated voting website and entering your votes.
Whom should I contact for inquiries such as requesting materials?
Please contact us here.

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