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The Company’s earnings forecasts, plans, and strategies posted on this website are future projections related to business performance made by the Company’s management based on information currently available and contain elements of risk and uncertainty. Please understand that actual results may differ from the earnings forecasts due to various important factors affecting the Company’s business, including the economic situation and market trends. The information on this website does not represent a solicitation to buy or sell the Company’s shares.

Investors are asked to make their own investment decisions.

The information posted on this website may be changed or removed without prior notice. Furthermore, this website may not display correctly, depending on your communications environment, the state of your computer, or other reasons.

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, please understand that the Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss that may occur due to errors in the posted information, the falsification of data by a third party, or any other damage or loss resulting from the downloading of data, etc.


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