Corporate Information


April 2009
J.E.T. Co., LTD. established
May 2009
Acquired the Okayama GT Plant (currently the Head Office Plant), which is the semiconductor business division of S.E.S. Co., Ltd., through business transfer

In addition, acquired all shares of “Kyoyu International Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (now J.E.T. Semi-Con. International Taiwan, Inc.),” in Taiwan, “Ai Shiyi Electronic Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (now Oribright Shanghai Co., Ltd.)” in China, and “K.S.E.S. Co., Ltd.” in South Korea through business transfer and made them into subsidiaries
December 2009
Liquidated the South Korean subsidiary “K.S.E.S. Co., Ltd.”
January 2010
Changed the trade name of the Chinese subsidiary “Ai Shiyi Electronic Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.” to “Jieyidi Electronic Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.”
December 2012
Capital of the Chinese subsidiary “Jieyidi Electronic Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.” increased, which was underwritten by ZEUS, and the company’s trade name was changed to “ZEUS China Co., Ltd.”
August 2014
Entered into the lithium-ion battery (LIB) inspection and manufacturing equipment business
March 2019
Acquired shares of the Chinese subsidiary “ZEUS China Co., Ltd.” from ZEUS and made it into a wholly owned subsidiary
September 2019
Changed the trade name of the Chinese subsidiary “ZEUS China Co., Ltd.” to “Oribright Shanghai Co., Ltd.”
September 2020
Established the South Korean subsidiary “J.E.T. Korea Co., Ltd.”
November 2020
Entered into the agribusiness (OSMIC agri-products production business operated by OSMIC CO., Ltd. as a franchise)
March 2021
Listed on the TOKYO PRO Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
October 2021
J.E.T. Agri Co., Ltd. established
September 2023
Delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange Tokyo PRO Market
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market

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