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Basic Compliance Policy

In accordance with our corporate philosophy, “We will continue to put our customers first, strive to build a good, strong company, value people, and contribute to society” and credo, “Six promises for creating the future: Spirit, People, Customers, Challenge, Speed, and Technology,” we have established and implemented the following basic compliance policy: This basic policy defines the standards of conduct that all JET Group companies and all officers and employees must adhere to in conducting various corporate activities. All officers and employees will act in accordance with these standards of conduct, and in the event of a situation that may conflict with said standards, we will promptly resolve the issue, investigate the cause, and improve operations to prevent recurrence.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations as well as internal regulations and rules

  • We will conduct fair and honest business activities that comply with laws and rules and will not deviate from social norms.
  • We will aim to further develop our business as a global company by adapting our operations to the rules of the international community.
  • We will strictly comply with domestic and international laws and regulations, including those related to bribery and competition, and engage in fair and free competition and appropriate transactions.
  • In international business activities, we will respect local culture and customs in addition to complying with international rules and local laws.

2. Elimination of anti-social forces

  • We will stand firm against anti-social forces that pose a threat to social order and security, and we will resolutely work to eliminate them.

3. Environmental considerations

  • Recognizing that environmental conservation is a common issue for all humankind, we will conduct corporate activities with consideration for conserving the global environment and preventing pollution.
  • We will strive to improve the workplace environment, prevent occupational accidents, and prevent danger to the lives, bodies, and property of employees.

4. Respect for the character and individuality of employees

  • We will respect the independence and creativity of each and every employee, fostering a corporate culture where these can be utilized in corporate activities.
  • We will protect the physical and mental health of our employees, respect human rights, provide fair treatment without discrimination, and ensure and realize a safe and comfortable work environment.

5. Disclosure of information to stakeholders

  • We will strive to ensure transparency by fairly and proactively disclosing corporate information to all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders.

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